The residency programme, which is organised by the Spanish Agency for International Cooperation (AECID) and produced in collaboration with the association Open Mind Arte y Cultura, confirms once again the importance of cultural exchange between countries, giving priority to those in which the Agency has a particular interest for historical, geographic and strategic reasons. The countries chosen in this case are Cuba and Morocco.

This programme promotes cultural relations as well as the international integration of artists, encouraging the building of lasting professional and creative networks.

Under the programme, the participating artists’ work will be publicised, and they will be able to interact with the Spanish artists whose studios they will be sharing as part of this residency programme, which may lead to exhibitions promoted by the Spanish Departments of Culture in Havana and Rabat respectively.

The exchange will take place in Madrid from 21 to 28 February as part of Open Mind Arte y Cultura.

Thus, a group of eight young, mid-career artists – four from each participating country – selected by two curators of renowned prestige in their own countries (Aylet Ojeda from Cuba and Mouna Mekouar from Morocco) have been invited to undertake a week-long residency in the studios of a number of Spanish artists taking part in the sixth edition of the Open Studio Madrid 2019 festival.


They will also have the chance to present their work.

The aim of this exchange is to promote creation and the exchange of knowledge, as well as to publicise and promote collective work. In addition, this residency project is committed to fostering artistic and collaborative experimenting in response to the repetition of standard formulas.


Feb. 21 al 28, 2019


Aylet Ojeda (Cuba)
Mouna Mekouar (Marruecos)


Fidel García (Cuba, 1981) (CV / Statement)

Mala Fama

Lorena Gutiérrez (Cuba, 1987) (CV / Statement)

U Estudio

Orestes Hernández Palacios (Cuba, 1981)

(CV / Statement)

Fuentesal & Arenillas

Grethell Rasúa (Cuba, 1983)  

(CV / Statement)

Rosell Meseguer

ARTISTAS - Marruecos

Afifi Said (Marruecos, 1983) (CV / Statement)

Tamara Arroyo

Rita Alaoui (Marruecos, 1972) (CV / Statement)

35.000 jóvenes

Khalid El Bastrioui (Marruecos, 1985) (CV / Statement)

Nave Oporto

Lina Laraki (Marruecos,  1991) (CV)