El Comité Selección y el Asesor, están formados por Instituciones y personalidades de reconocido prestigio de los distintos estamentos que componen la escena del arte contemporáneo en España.



Open Studio Madrid is an annual festival in which a number of studios selected by the Committee open their doors, free of charge, to those members of the public with an interest in contemporary art and to all Spanish and international professionals and collectors. 


So far, five editions of Open Studio have been held in Madrid city: in October 2012, May 2013, May 2014, October 2015 and February 2018. Over 42,500 people visited the studios in previous editions.


A total of 161 studios (25 to 35 per year), located in 15 of Madrid’s districts, were selected. This promotes the decentralisation of culture and the direct involvement of the residents of the city’s neighbourhoods, some of which are on the outskirts.


A total of 410 artists (80 to 100 per year) of different ages and nationalities, 60% of them with no commercial representation, took part. As a result of their participation in Open Studio Madrid, many artists have obtained commercial representation and been able to display their work in national and international art centres, sell some of their works and make new professional contacts.


From its 5th edition, Open Studio Madrid has been focusing on contemporary Latin American artists, some of them residing in our country and others invited to the studios, in order to exchange knowledge and experiences. In addition, the “ABIERTO-ABIERTO” residency for artistic exchange between Mexico and Spain was launched.

The 2019 edition of Open Studio Madrid will see greater participation by Latin American and African artists, who will be selected by independent curators of their respective countries and invited to Spanish artists’ studios.

Madrid will thus become a leader and a focus of international interest for meeting, visiting and contacting young, mid-career artists mainly from Latin America.

Meet the artists, visit their studios, support creation!