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Open Studio and Comunidad de Madrid launch the project Procesos Visibles, aimed at supporting the artists network, as well as promoting and disseminating recent projects that are in a curated selection of artists residing in the region.

Twelve artists will present their projects and workspaces in different ways that adapt to the current situation, such as talks with curators and visits both virtual and on-site, along with detailed information on artists and their work through the Open Studio and Comunidad de Madrid platforms.

The project will feature two independent curators, Pilar Soler and Virginia Torrente, who reside in Comunidad de Madrid, and have carried out the selection of the participating artists.




Selected by the curator Virginia Torrente. Represented by Travesía Cuatro


Asunción Molinos Gordo is a researcher and visual artist. Her practice is strongly influenced by disciplines such as anthropology, sociology and cultural studies.

The main focus of her work is contemporary peasantry and its cultural production. She questions the categories that define “innovation” in mainstream discourses today, working to generate a less urban-centric way of understanding progress.
She has produced work reflecting on land usage, nomad architecture, farmers’ strikes, bureaucracy on territory, transformation of rural labor, biotechnology and global food trade.

ACTIVITIES WITH THE ARTIST* (Only available in Spanish)

Charla de la comisaria Pilar Soler y Asuncion Molinos Gordo
Visita virtual al estudio de Asunción Molinos Gordo


Selected by the curator Pilar Soler. Represented by NF Galería



In my work there is an insistence on the habitability of spaces, which leads to a questioning of the "domestication" of the modern inhabitant, the consumption of certain formalizations and objects in the interiors of current homes, as well as an autobiographical reference that articulates a discourse on individual and collective memory.


In that recurrence to the image of places and their appropriation through art, in my work, currently, the city, the public space, appears as the privileged scene of everyday life, with its wealth, misery and creative potential. Through series of drawings, photographs, site specifics, sculptures, inspired by objects from our consumer society and the city; how in the control and separation devices of urban space. My work talks about how we identify with our environment and its architecture, and how they influence us.


Distinguishing between the lived, experiential or existential space that operates unconsciously, and the physical and geometric space. I also emphasize different intellectual states that are produced when relating to our immediate surroundings, how the importance of peripheral vision that integrates us in space, and makes us see details and situations that sometimes go unnoticed, going from being mere spectators to be stimulated towards other muscular and tactile sensations.


The body as a place of perception, where our memory capacity would be impossible without a body memory, we remember through our bodies as well as through our nervous system.

ACTIVITIES WITH THE ARTIST* (Only available in Spanish)

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Selected by the curator Virginia Torrente. Represented by Smart Gallery 


 "It is me, but I am also the other, the dead one."

Jorge Luis Borges


‘Frame’: an object of rigid structure whose limit that separates it,

of what it is not, is forceful and precise.


The question about the limits of the painting, or rather, until where extend things can be stressed, has been running through my work for many years.

My projects deal with the limits of the pictorial plane and its uses as a meaning to question how a body can be expressed psychologically, physically, and socially. I search for symbolic ways to create a non-verbal language using different materials. I try to communicate the inexpressible: the intuitive and irrational element of human experience and relationships.

ACTIVITIES WITH THE ARTIST* (Only available in Spanish)

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Selected by the curator Virginia Torrente



I often think think about a plot of land  on San Bernardo Street. Years ago there was a hospital. One of its rooms had a very special meaning to me. The construction was demolished and there is a big uninhabited hole now. However, when I pass by, I cannot find anything more restless than observing this small floating space in the void... 

 We make empty spaces ours. With architecture, we define, structure and transform the void, turning it into living spaces. We adapt to it and it becomes our own. The light that enters in our living rooms is altered and modified, it moves slowly forward reminding us the passing of time... but when everything vanishes , it is then that it becomes vertiginous... we need artifice, simulation and simulacrum. 

ACTIVITIES WITH THE ARTIST* (Only available in Spanish)

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Selected by the curator Pilar Soler. Represented by Marta Cervera Gallery


There is a tension in my paintings between the irrational and other more fixed and organised structures. The work shows the tension of the contemporary individual invaded by an environment which is more and more emotionless and alienating, which shrinks and invalidates him in a socio-political context where there is not a real possibility of choice; a world grotesquely saturated by images and information that cancel a critical aptitude towards what is happening, and that invites us to passivity. Following these thoughts, I understand the way of  "thinking through painting" as a process associated with a reversal of values, an absence of limits, and as a life project.


There is also an anxiety to unravel visually the different weaves and layers of our cultural surrounding’s reality. Furthermore, there is an insistence to adhere elements already contaminated and crumbled by the semantics, raising with simplicity a new look on the ruins of modernity and our cultural reality.


In my recent works, I am interested in building characters out of an accumulation of shapes, forms and objects. This approach in painting could be compared with the process of constructing sculptures or assemblages. Besides, the paintings embrace a polymorphous perversity close to the one that takes place in classical cartoons. Through this pictorial language there is the intention to reflect on the things that are affecting us psychologically in our sociocultural reality, as if the fact of presenting the toxic found in humanity would work as the catalyst of its own remedy.


ACTIVITIES WITH THE ARTIST* (Only available in Spanish)

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Selected by the curator Pilar Soler. Represented by the Heinrich Ehrhardt Gallery



Artista gallego formado en la tradición escultórica vasca, su trabajo muestra interés en la superficialidad y apariencia de objetos e imágenes a través de los materiales, las formas, la  composición y técnica, tomando un punto de partida de la síntesis. La combinación de lo familiar y la descontextualización se erigen claves en sus proyectos, dejándose llevar por el acontecimiento de dar a ver.

ACTIVITIES WITH THE ARTIST* (Only available in Spanish)

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Selected by curator Virginia Torrente. Represented by ATM Gallery


The work of Clara Sánchez Sala develops bonds between literature and routines from a poetic point of view using objects from daily life in a first instance, but working with varied techniques and materials, for the purpose of creating a speech always referred to the complex world of fiction that we human beings generate in that incessant un- estrangement in which the meeting with the external world consists, and that we usually call: real.


ACTIVITIES WITH THE ARTIST* (Only available in Spanish)

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Selected by curator Virginia Torrente. Represented by Ponce + Robles Gallery